7 leases totalling 44 hectares and 23 sub block EPM.  Group has owned this project since May 1994 and was worked continuously for 7 years. Average grade recovered 9.9 g/t. this includes dump, old tailings, surface and a lot of development work.  Stoped ore grade is much better.  Ross Mining drilled 4 diamond drill holes in late 80's.  

All the area drilled has been mined out and current workings are now 30 metres below area drilled.  All leases are current and are renewed as their terms expire. Nothing due for another 4 years. It is a very remote area and have no issues with security.The mines are situated in a very rugged area. Detailed surveys of the mine are available.  

The main mine Maddens has had the majority of work completed with regards survey and planning. The bottom level has remained the same as at the time of Ryan's report but has been extended to the south.  We have a portal site surveyed off Taylors Creek where a 440 metre drive mostly along the line of strike gives us 67 metres back to the current bottom of the mine.

We haven't crushed much ore since 2002 but have put in a road to a new section of the mine (Maddens extended) to clean out and crush ore from old workings on the surface.

With the ore (laminated quartz) there is not a lot of sulphides, even at depth.  Our gravity mill gives a recovery of 95/96% on assays.  The small loss that we do have are in the sulphides. (We have assayed some of the sulphides at 11,000 g/t.) The small single hutch jig before the ball mill (on good ore 10g +) will recover half the gold. Mint assays are generally between 93 to 95% and 3% silver.

All partners have full time commitments to other mines or businesses and need to rationalise our assets

Complete with underground and surface equipment- immediate cash flow. Central 3TPH gravity processing plant (new lined ball mill), workshop and comfortable camp.

We have been working two of the mines called Maddens and Brothers - both developed decline drives. Underground photos refer to the Maddens. The remaining four mines have been faced on ore ready for further development. and  highly prospective. The gold is course in  quartz reef, some specimens as large as half your thumb nail. 

Privately owned by partners & operated for 5 years.

This is a unique opportunity to own the only operation of its type in North Queensland, AUSTRALIA. The properties are clear of Native Title claims, in itself is a major plus as costs and time associated with establishing a new mine site is extremely high.

For more particulars contact: 
John Brown

mine1.gif (61927 bytes)

From the left, kitchen and quarters, more accommodation, oblutions, accommodation, workshop, then master accommodation on the right.

mine2.gif (42856 bytes)


mine3.gif (39079 bytes)

Front end loader at ore pad.

mine4.gif (35019 bytes)

Bogger at ore face by way of a decline.

mine5.gif (28852 bytes)

Partner inspecting visible gold in quartz vein.

mine6.gif (40608 bytes)

Setting explosive charge pattern in meter wide quartz reef.

mine7.gif (43198 bytes)

Gold "cake" after retort of mercury.

mine8.gif (35969 bytes)

Pouring gold bar from furnace.

mine9.gif (49839 bytes)

Small gold bar prior despatch to the Perth Mint - value $23,000.


The mine site is 50 klms due west of Cape Tribulation,  120 kl north of Cairns and 80 kl south of Cooktown. The GPS position is E16.02.59 S144.55.62. Captain Cook made his first landing on Australian soil at the Endeavour River, Cooktown. For those of you who want a fantastic lifestyle close by the famous Great Barrier Reef, tucked away from the madding crowds in the Great Dividing Range - this is for you and/or partners.

The mine location is at the top of the map at the left. You will see a cross mark just to the south of Mt Pike on Taylors Creek Much of the general area to the south of the mine is the head waters to the famous alluvial district of the Palmer River which runs to the west. In its heyday, thousands worked the Palmer.


SALE PRICE - AUD$950,000 cash

The total leases covering all mines and 36 hectares of prospective country plus all infrastructure ready to re-commence mining on a walk in - walk out basis. 
The mine is only 50 kilometres from the famous Great Barrier Reef.  

                         Full Report of the MADDENS FLAT Group of Tenement

16 2'35.40"S   14455'37.20"E  GPS of mine.


mine10.gif (110716 bytes)


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